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Norton Utilities

Back in the days when Norton Utilities was based on DOS- PC’s suite, which is providing a lot of security and peace of mind in many respects today. That’s why it’s package is a must for Windows tool. To Download Norton Utilities visit URL: Norton.com/nu16

Norton Utilities also makes your PC run like new ones. With them you can speed up PC performance and boot time, address popular PC problems with a single mouse click, minimize launch time of applications by optimizing the registry, improve capacity and efficiency by defragmenting and cleaning the hard drive and, of course, recover unintentionally deleted files. And it is a kit that should be seriously considered by most Windows users to purchase.

Norton Utilities also helps to maintain the top speed of your PC. It allows you to select which service load for faster startup times at startup. And it cleans then optimizes the overall performance of your Windows registry.

Norton Disk Doctor:
Identify and repair potential problems that can lead to crashes of the hard drive.When you start experiencing random data errors in files that you know are encrypted somewhere, you can use it to save your bacon.

Norton UnErase:
Allows you to easily recover deleted files that may be hidden on your hard drive unless other data has been overwritten in the room they occupy.

Norton Smart Updates:

Keeps up-to-date by installing product updates automatically.

Startup Manager:

Improves the boot time of the PC by choosing which programs will be loaded when beginning.

Procedure to download, install and activate Norton Utilities

  1. Visit URL: Norton.com/setup
  2. Login with Norton Account
  3. Click on ‘Enter a Product key’
  4. Enter the 25 Digits Norton Product key
  5. After that, you will be redirect to My Product page
  6. Choose product and click on Download now
  7. After that, Click on Install now to download the setup file
  8. Once you complete the download, run the setup file to install it
  9. After that, you will be able to access the features of it.